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05 Mar 2016 
If you have water damage in the home, how you care for the after effects will depend on the amount and the type of damage. One of the biggest potential problems and one of the most serious in the long run is that of mold.

Mold grows from a spore that floats in the air, and it is capable of landing on any surface, with the possible exception of glass, and starting to grow immediately. Mold only needs a dark place, no moving air, and moisture to proliferate at a very rapid pace.

Of course, the aftermath of a flooded area is perfect for a huge patch of the mold to take hold. If mold gets into persons breathing airways, it can cause years of very difficult and problematic symptoms which cause sinus, throat, esophagus, and lung problems.

If the water damage is serious enough to leave standing water, the residents should clear out, call their insurance company, and hire a water restoration company. Under no circumstances should you go wading into standing water, as you may or may not be certain that your power is still on, and if there are any electrical sockets underwater that are still on, you could be electrocuted.

Just the process of clearing out the water and cleaning up the damaged are can be hazardous as floodwater from any source can contain some very hazardous substances. Raw sewage, bacteria, viruses, e_coli, pesticides, fertilizer, mold, chemicals, and gasoline and petroleum residues are among the substances found in flood water.

The thing is that it is impossible to tell what is in the water just by looking at it, and that is why water damage restoration technicians wear protective suits and masks.

If you have a municipal sewage backup or a septic backup, just breathing the fumes of the sewage can be very hazardous to your health. If floodwater even touches the skin, it can cause harm depending on what items are in the floodwater.

Any serious water damage that is widespread in the home would require the family that is living there to move out temporarily. They can stay at a hotel or with friends and relatives, but it is a very good bet that it will be hazardous for them to stay while the restoration is taking place.

The restoration experts will not only be able to clear out the water, but they will also sanitize the area to eliminate any future regrowth of mold or bacteria.
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17 Nov 2015 
Water Damage Cleanup

Indeed we can easily notice flood or huge amounts of water accumulating
inside our house but there are also times wherein water damage is hard for us to
find. These hard to notice water damage are caused by water or condensation that
gradually seeps through floors, walls and any other parts of our house over
time. By the time you take notice of it, it would be too late. Extensive damage
has been done already and will cost a lot to be fixed. As a matter of fact,
water damage restoration would cost thousands of dollars.

Water damage caused by a huge flood is something we can never avoid but some
causes of water damage is something that we can. If these causes can be avoided,
then this huge problem can be avoided as well.

Check the areas around your windows and doors. There are times when rain and
snow will be able to enter our homes through them. To prevent water damage from
these areas, it is important to insulate them.

Any ruptured or problematic pipe must be fixed immediately regardless of how
small or serious the problem. Small leaks taking place across your pipeline
would accumulate as time passes by. Eventually, the areas in contact with the
leak would become damaged.

Donít allow rain water to collect around your home or even nearby it. Water
damage is also caused often by accumulated rain water. So make sure your home
has proper gutters and ditches that will channel rain water away from your

Make certain that there are no leaks coming from the roof. Any leak present
must be fixed right away. Determine the cause of the leak and seal it. If the
roof insulation is wet, replace it right away. Donít forget to check the roof
support and see whether it has soaked up saturation.

it is important to regulate the moisture and humidity of your home. Usually,
mold would develop inside homes that has high moisture and humidity. Molds would
cause damage to your walls, floors and ceilings. It can also pose health risk if
left alone.

If thereís water damage, you must address it right away. Seek the service of
water damage restoration companies.

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16 Nov 2015 
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14 Nov 2015 

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14 Nov 2015 

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